Using MongoDB

As we have looked at MongoDB earlier about how to setup and start using the command line interface we shall now see how to use it with NodeJS.

Connecting to Mongo Mongoose




Mongoose is the most popular ORM for MongoDB in NodeJS platform.


For using any ORMs you will need to define a schema. You will need to define all the fields required by the model. Even while using a schema the MongoDB schema can be dynamic but all the fields or columns you are going to use in the MongoDB should be available in the Mongoose Schema.

var mongoose = require('mongoose');
var Schema = mongoose.Schema;

var UserSchema = new Schema({
	name: String,
	email : String,
	phone : Number,
	username : String,
	password : String,
	role : String //admin, manager, employee

mongoose.model('User', UserSchema);

Data Types



To explain the who implementation I shall use few of the code snippets above


This is an interesting addition to querying. MongoDB does not support joins like we have in all SQL counterparts. Mongoose has provided us nice facility to reference a record of a collection to another record of same or different collection. Let us see how to implement this and how that can be useful. For explaining this, we will take a simple use-case of creating a manager

// column holding the reference